Most Popular AI tools use in Digital Marketing

  1. – This AI writing assistant uses machine learning to help marketers create and optimize content, including blog posts, social media updates, and email newsletters. It can also help with tasks like plagiarism checking and tone of voice settings. 
  2. Albert – This AI platform uses machine learning to optimize digital advertising campaigns, including search, social, and programmatic advertising. It can also provide insights into audience targeting and creative optimization.
  3. Optimizely – This AI-powered experimentation platform helps marketers test and optimize their website and mobile app experiences. It uses machine learning to automatically identify and prioritize the most impactful experiments.
  4. Conversica – This AI-powered sales assistant uses natural language processing to engage with leads and customers via email, SMS, and chat. It can help marketers automate lead follow-up and qualification, freeing up their time for more strategic activities.
  5. Emarsys – This AI-powered marketing automation platform helps marketers personalize their messaging and campaigns across channels, including email, SMS, and social media. It uses machine learning to analyze customer behavior and preferences and deliver personalized recommendations.
  6. Phrasee – This AI-powered tool uses natural language generation to help marketers create compelling email subject lines and social media posts. It can also provide insights into which messages are most likely to resonate with specific audiences.
  7. Semantria – This AI-powered text analysis tool uses natural language processing to extract insights from customer feedback, social media posts, and other unstructured data sources. It can help marketers identify trends and sentiment around their brand and products.
  8. Adext – This AI-powered digital advertising platform uses machine learning to optimize ad campaigns across multiple channels, including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads. It can also provide insights into audience targeting and creative optimization.
  9. Cognitivescale – This AI-powered platform helps marketers automate customer service and support, using natural language processing and machine learning to provide personalized and timely responses to customer inquiries.
  10. Oribi – This AI-powered analytics tool helps marketers track and analyze website and marketing campaign performance, using machine learning to identify patterns and trends in user behavior. It can also provide recommendations for optimizing website and campaign performance.
Additional AI Tools
Jasper (TRENDING)Get ToolPowerful Content Generator- Use the Full Potencial of AI 
Repurpose (TRENDING)Get ToolRepost Videos To Multiple Platforms Automatically
Pictory (TRENDING)Get ToolShort Form Content From Long Videos Automatically
PimEeysGet ToolFace recognition search- find your photos online
Shine RankerGet ToolKeyword Research and Site Audit Tool
CoraGet ToolSearch Engine Decoder
SemrushGet ToolTraffic Estimator
Screaming FrogGet ToolWebsite Checker
Web 2.0 RankerGet ToolWhite Label Services
Link WhisperGet ToolAuto Website Linker
Local Viking Local Rank Tracker
Offline SharksGet ToolDigital Local Marketing
Page Optimizer ProGet ToolOn Page SEO tool
RankmathGet ToolSearch Engine Optimization plugin for WordPress
Squirrly SEOGet ToolAI Marketing Tools
KWFinderGet ToolKeyword Research Tool
MangoolsGet ToolSEO Tool
RankRangerGet ToolSEO Tool
ProRank TrackerGet ToolRank Tracking Software
SerpStatGet ToolSEO Platform
SEObilityGet ToolSEO Tool
ZutrixGet ToolSEO Tool
SEO ProfilerGet ToolSEO Tool
LongTailProGet ToolKeyword Research Tool
SENukeGet ToolSEO Tool
XrumerGet ToolSEO Tool
Automatic BacklinksGet ToolBacklink Exchange Service
Advanced Web Ranking StarterGet ToolSEO Tool
GSA Search Engine RankerGet ToolAutomatic Backlink SEO Tool
SEO PowerSuite Professional – YearlyGet ToolSEO Tool
SE RankingGet ToolSEO Tool
CrorkwheelGet ToolSEO Reseller Packages & Services
INK For AllGet ToolAI Content Generation
MonsterInsights, LLCGet ToolWordPress Analytics Plugin
Twinword IdeasGet ToolKeyword Research Tool
Alli AIGet ToolSEO Tool
JaaxyGet ToolKeyword Research Tool
NightwatchGet ToolSEO Tool
Rank TrackerGet ToolSEO Tool
SERPWatcherGet ToolSEO Tool
Morning ScoreGet ToolSEO Tool
Word TrackerGet ToolKeyword Research Tool
Rank IQGet ToolSEO Tool
Keyword Research Tool DominatorGet ToolKeyword Research Tool
Clicky.comGet ToolWeb Analytics
Netpeak SoftwareGet ToolSEO Tool
Netpeak SpiderGet ToolSEO Tool – SEO Audit
Netpeak CheckerGet ToolSEO Tool
OwlymateGet ToolSEO Tool – SEO Audit
Keyword AtlasGet ToolKeyword Research Tool
NitroPackGet ToolWebsite Speed Optimization
GetGenie AIGet ToolSEO Tool
Ranked AIGet ToolSEO Affiliate Program
SEO ViperGet Tool 
Website Auditor SEO Tool